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Increase Visibility

Get your brand noticed with our purpose-written Ad Copy

Excellent ROI

Our certified ad professionals are highly experienced and can provide a fantastic return on investment.

Monthly Reporting

Measure the success of your campaigns with our inclusive Monthly Reporting service.

Keyword Research

Launch Rocket invests a lot of time and energy to ensure we choose the best keywords for your industry to reduce costs and encourage visits.

Account Linking

Get the most from your Ad data with our inclusive Google Analytics linking service.

Ad Extensions

Launch Rocket craft beautifully written, business-specific Ad extensions to help encourage new customers and increase your click-through rate.

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Improve Sales


Raise Brand Awareness


Compelling Ad Copy


Compelling Ad Copy

Attract new customers and visitors with our compelling Ad copy that is guaranteed to increase Click-Through Rate's

Initial Ad Audit

Already have an Ad campaign? Not performing as it should? Let Launch Rocket perform a free account audit and see how we can help your business.

Detailed Monthly Reports

Find out how many Conversions, Impressions and Clicks you received each month with our handy, inclusive Ad reports.

Audience Targeting

Get your message in front of the right audience by utilising our skills and experience to help you find your demographics.

Affordable Service

Our PPC service is available at an affordable price, in order to help small businesses grow without an extortionate budget.

Call Only Ads

Not interested in selling online? Try our quick and simple Call Only Ads service to get your phone's ringing off the hook.

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Be seen by more customers and clients with our affordable PPC services.